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The enterprise income decayed on two parts. By the first it was considered as compensation of labor costs of the businessman on production management (here reasonings were under construction also, as well as in a case with the rational worker), and the second acted in the form of the payment for risk connected with work on the unknown market.

It is necessary to look at development of the Cambridge school from two parties. If to see in them an explanation of the internal mechanism of pricing under capitalism, there is clear a number of basic defects, distortion of reality. Here their ideological aspect is shown. But it is possible to approach these researches and from other point of view, having paid attention to that their part that treats the specific problems arising in the commodity markets. Here it is possible to find the realistic moments, to find the scientific results having practical value.

Theorists of the Cambridge school saw the sum of the income getting to owners of certain factors of production in limit costs. Here included a salary, percent on the monetary capital and the enterprise income.

The concept of costs of production which is put forward by the Cambridge school will not be agreed with reality. After all it is obvious that negative emotions or abstention in itself have no creative force, cannot be a source a product, the income. Value judgment of the worker and monetary capitalist is obviously not commensurable. They cannot be brought under a common denominator in the form of costs of production.