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April was warmer usual, average values of temperature exceeded mean annual indicators twice. In May air temperature was close to norm, and rainfall dropped out in much more usual.

Influence of water deficiency on a carbohydrate exchange ­ in the beginning in decrease in the contents mono - and bioses in photosynthesizing leaves because of decrease in intensity of a, then quantity of monosaccharides can increase as a result of hydrolysis of polysaccharides of leaves of the lower. At long water deficiency it is observed quantities of all forms of sugars.

In the conditions of optimum water supply correlation between intensity of breath and a of fosforilirovanny products is observed. Water deficiency differently affects breath of leaves of different age:

At dehydration at the plants which are not adapted for a intensity of breath considerably amplifies (, because of a large number of substrata of breath — sugar, and then gradually decreases. At drought-resistant plants in these conditions of essential changes of breath small strengthening does not or noted.

Apples – one of the most important domestic types of fruit – represents fruits of an apple-tree (Malus Sylvestris) relating to a subfamily apple-tree, families rozanny in which 25 – 30 types are. Artificially created look – an apple-tree is widespread in culture house (Malus Domestica). Over 10 thousand grades received as a result of natural and artificial hybridization, a spontaneous and artificial mutagenesis with the subsequent selection are known.

The root system of a fruit plant carries out the following functions: fixes and holds it in the soil, soaks up and carries out water and the substances dissolved in it to elevated part, serves as a place of a reserve of nutrients. Besides, in roots in interaction to elevated part there is a synthesis of a sort of important substances (organic acids, vitamins, enzymes).

During a drought along with dehydration there is an overheat of plants. At action of high temperatures (35 °C and ­ two types of change of viscosity of cytoplasm: the increase is more often, decrease is more rare. Increase of viscosity of cytoplasm slows down its movement, but process is reversible even at 5-minute influence of temperature of 51 °C., high temperature concentration of cellular juice and permeability of cages for urea, glycerin, an eozin and other connections. In a of an ekzosmos of the substances dissolved in cellular juice osmotic pressure gradually decreases. However at above 35 °C are noted growth of an osmotic because of strengthening of conversion and increase in a of monosugars again. Thus the loss of property of semi-permeability of a tonoplast (estimated on an exit is caused only by short-term action of very high temperatures (57 — 64 °C).

In this regard, still there is actual a gardening intensification problem, creation of intensive gardens possibly taking into account the correct selection of grades and stocks and scientific justification of receptions of an agrotechnology.

The sign of a slaboroslost, compactness and spurovy type of fructification in posterities of forms from group Red and Golden Delishes is inherited as quantitative signs. The prevailing influence of additive effects of genes in determination of a sign height of plants is revealed. However and in posterities of spurovy grades Ueynspur, Starkrimson vyshcheplyatsya single seedlings of compact type and 3,0-5,0% have them spurovy type of fructification.

The drought arises as result of rather long of rains, is followed by high temperature of a and solar insolation. More often it begins with the drought which is characterized by low relative humidity of air. At a long absence of rains the soil drought in connection with reduction (disappearance) of water, available to plants, in the soil is added to an drought. During a dry wind (an atmospheric drought, a strong wind) the soil drought can not arise. In a drought of a plant have considerable water deficiency.

Water – one of the main conditions of activity of plants. Water is included a component into all bodies of fruit and growth educations, participates in creation of organic substance (in process photosynthesis. In water mineral salts are dissolved, and together with it through roots comes to plants.