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The persons are understood as mentality all set of the phenomena and conditions of his inner world. The consciousness is part of mentality. The mentality covers not only conscious, but also subconscious and unconscious processes.

The ideal acts as the moment of the practical relation of the person to the world, the relation mediated by the forms created predshestvuyushchiy by generations - first of all a sposobenost to reflect in a mater forms of language, signs, and to turn them by means of activity into real subjects.

As property it is live organisms irritability acts. The further stage of development of forms of reflection after irritability is connected with sensitivity emergence, i.e. abilities to have the feelings reflecting properties of the subjects influencing an organism. make a mentality form.

Starting point of Phyl. AA. - the isolated, lonely individual which all interests are concentrated on him, on his own unreliable and transitory existence. Existential problems are such which arise from the fact the person. For E matters only its own and its movement to a non-existence.

Ideal and a mater are not divided by a nerokhodimy side, Ideal is that other, as material, prersazhenny in persons the head and transformed in it. Such material in the ideal makes a brain.

For Sartre all things, except the person are" life in themselves", and the people. there is "a life for itself" or anything. As any life from life also cannot in anything, persons sushch-I, understood as experience, there cannot be such a byytiya, from a cat it could arise and where to leave. Life persons means there is anything. Realizing the nichozhestvo the persons feel fear "the person there is his fear".

Essence is its ideality, the cat is expressed that images do not possess neither properties of otradayemy subjects in it, nor properties of nervous processes, a cat they evolved.

The impossibility sensually to perceive objects of a microcosm forced to address to maty to models. Some buried thus a matter in oblivion = idealism. Led to it also that the materialism was traditionally connected with mechanical and material understanding of a matter.

Then it was offered for to compare the validity of the offer it with the friend the predlozheniyay. The understanding of truth as to the facts started giving way to a view of truth as on an offer sogloasovannost with system offers., what not Mb knowledge basis

To Phyl's data to the ravine to the analysis the B is obliged to Russell, the cat used thus maty logicians. to give the strict opredet maty concepts it came to a yvod that all maty m is reduced to logic. Further P the log of the analysis attached more significance to a method and declared that "the logic is an essence of Phyl". Wittgenstein developed this idea, having specified that Phil consists to the ravine the analysis of language.

Though life of things is unclear, but there is 1 type of life perfectly to us the acquaintance is our own life. Here that also opens access to life as to that, it goes through our existence. But it. something internal and inexpressible in concepts: " there is that never becomes object" because we can never look at ourselves from outside.

The unity and communication - the Loony of the phenomenon and a brain are closely knitted as property and a mat a substratum, the cat is property belongs and without cat it not. With the parties the images arising in the loony are similar according to the contents to the objects causing their mater.

subject. - life. "Modern Phil, as well as in last times is occupied with life" - (Sartre). They claim that concept of life indefinable., and that any ravine its analysis is impossible. Therefore. not m. science about life also has to look for other, unscientific, irrational ways for penetration into it.

Sovr science shows that our astronomical Universe, the world, in a cat we live, apparently, only one of the possible worlds. And already in features of mutually of elementary particles opportunities for expansion of more difficult forms of the movement are put prerequisites. (world constants)