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The purpose of this agreement is the creating favorable conditions for preservation and development of economic communications between subjects of managing within the CIS taking into account the agreements on economic cooperation concluded between them.

Moreover, world experience shows that there is a strengthening and diversification of similar influence, priorities, the principles, mechanisms and which tools are mutually agreed at the international level in numerous bilateral and multilateral agreements, documents of the international organizations.

They simplify the operations connected with delivery of goods, are conventional in international trade and are defined as a rule, the trade customs which developed in commercial practice of the certain countries, ports, branches of trade.

Along with the happened liberalization of foreign economic activity, transformation of a wide range of the economic organizations in the main characters in implementation of foreign trade, the relation to participation of the state in the mechanism of the international economic exchanges underwent change.

The custom in international trade in separate goods assigned traditional units of measure to these or those subjects of transactions. So, for example, by oil supply the quantity of goods is usually specified in barrels, by deliveries grain – in bushels. In this case it is also expedient to specify a metric equivalent of the chosen unit of measure.