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CAPITAL. What is the capital? The concept "capital", or "investment resources", covers all made means of production, that is all types of tools, machines, the equipment, factory, warehouse, the vehicles and a marketing network used in production of goods and services and their delivery to the end user. Process of production and accumulation of these means of production is called investment.

ENTERPRISE ABILITY. At last, what it is possible to tell about that special human resource which we call enterprise ability, or, more simply, enterprise? We will open specific value of this term, having defined four interconnected functions of the businessman.

In all called theories though the purpose of firm is also not made by maximizing profit, but the last keeps the function - to be a driving force in economy and to make goods and services. Changes in supply and demand by all means affect the profit size that induces firm to redistribute resources.

The firm is the economic unit employing production factors for production of production – goods or services which she then sells to households, other firms or the state. Firms carry to sector of producers. Economists mark out the following properties of firms: