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Modern methodical researches are based on lingvostranovedchesky approach in training in a foreign language. Thus the lexicon with a regional geographic component (background and bezekvivalentny lexicon in terms E is allocated. M. Vereshchagina and V. S. Kostomarov, the regional geographic data mentioning the most various aspects of life of the country of the learned language of its history, literature, science, art, and also tradition, customs and customs.

For understanding of the text it is necessary to take a number of the indicators connected with circumstances of its creation, and also with the contents and structure of the text into account. Further we will call these indicators respectively extralinguistic (lying out of linguistics) and intralingvistichesky (or intra linguistic).

experience of the emotional relation to process of mastering foreign-language culture to the teacher and companions as to speech partners, to the learned language as to a subject, to a language role in life of society - the experience turned on system of values of the personality or in a different way - motivation.

The following subjects entered a grant: alphabet, letter, sound, vowels and concordants, organs of speech, sign, value and polysemy, loan, intonation, lexicon, letter, translation, offer, syllable, dictionaries, structure of the word, part of speech, language and linguistics.