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The sender (manufacturer) can authorize the enterprise which is in a place of receiving production on participation in acceptance of production. In this case the certificate to the representative is given by the enterprise which allocated it. In the certificate it has to be made a reference to the document with which the sender authorized this enterprise to participate in acceptance of production.

time to which acceptance of production by quantity is appointed. 1 At absence of the representative of the sender (manufacturer) on the recipient's call, and also in cases when the call of the representative of the sender (manufacturer) nonresident is not obligatory, acceptance of production by quantity and drawing up the act of shortage is made:

to check in appropriate cases existence on vehicles (the car, the tank, the barge, hold of the vessel, a motor van, etc.) or on containers of seals of the sender or a point of departure (stations, piers, port, serviceability of seals, prints for them, a condition of the car, other vehicles or the container, existence of protective marking of freight, and also serviceability of container;

on net weight and quantity of commodity units in each place — at the same time with opening of container, but no later than 10 days, and on perishable production no later than 24 hours from the moment of receiving production — on delivery production the supplier or at removal her recipient from a warehouse of the supplier and from the moment of delivery of freight by body of transport — in all other cases.

At impossibility of a pereveska of production without container determination of net weight is made by check of gross weight at the time of receiving production and weight of container after release it from under production. Results of check are made out by acts.

In the act the commission draws the conclusion about the reasons and a place of formation of shortage or surplus, fastening with all the signatures. The act is the basis for presentation of a claim to the supplier or a carrier of goods.

The representative of the odnogorodny sender (manufacturer) is obliged to be not later than next day after receiving a call if in it other term of an appearance is not specified, and on perishable production — during 4 hours after receiving a call.

in a place of opening sealed up or in a place of unloading of the neosealed-up vehicles and containers or in a warehouse of body of transport — on delivery and delivery of production by body of the railway, water, air or motor transport.

On delivery supplier of products in container on the recipient's warehouse the last, except check of gross weight and quantity of places, can demand opening of container and check of net weight and quantity of commodity units in each place.

1 If at acceptance of production shortage will be found, the recipient is obliged to suspend further acceptance, to ensure safety of production, and also to take measures to prevention of its mixture with other uniform production.

In a case when at acceptance of production discrepancy of gross weight, separate places to the weight specified in transport or accompanying documents or on a cliche is revealed, the recipient should not make opening of container and packing.

For safety of production and tovarov1 by deliveries and creations of conditions for timely and their correct acceptance by recipients association and its production facility, the enterprise, -^ are obliged to provide:

1 Acceptance of production is made by the persons authorized on that by the head or the deputy head of the enterprise recipient. These persons bear responsibility for strict observance of acceptance procedures of production.

1 Acceptance of production by quantity is made according to transport and accompanying documents (to the invoice, the specification, the inventory, packing labels, etc.) the sender (manufacturer). Absence of the specified documents or some of them does not stop acceptance of production. In this case the statement of the actual existence of production is drawn up and it is specified in the act, what documents are absent.