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after completion of work by car it is necessary to disconnect power supply, having taken out a plug fork from the socket. For safety of work of the cashier it is necessary to equip the cashier's cabin with the device of a call of protection and administration, and also to provide emergency illumination of a cash cabin.

Are not allowed to application of KKM on which are absent or the seal of the center of maintenance is damaged, there are no markings of manufacturer or one of means of visual control.

The total of daily records in fiscal memory has to be not less than 300 Information in final memory is brought at everyone a daily sales report. Access to information which is written down in fiscal memory has to be protected hardware in the way.

The translation of indications of the summarizing monetary counters, control of counters before their transfer to zero are made out by the act in the N26 form in duplicate, one of which as control is transferred to accounts department of the controlling organization, and the second remains in this trade enterprise.

The technical requirements are imposed to fiscal memory - the long-term memory, volatile on the storage of information which is a component of KKM and intended for registration of reporting final daily information with an exception of possibility of its change-.