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The field fad - rather thermophilic southern bird, apparently, a Central Asian origin. Its area covers steppe and forest-steppe landscapes of the Central, Central and Forward Asia and the most part of Europe, except for its northern areas.

Thus, in biological shape of the meadow fad as at many other types of skates it is inconsistent lines of a mountain bird, a bird of boggy, grassy and moss spaces, glades, cuttings down, gary, and even steppe, sukhodolny, with bushes and stones, sites are mixed. It is interesting that the extremely rare in Moscow area the meadow fad on nesting meets on meadow, nizkotravny, stony hillocks, hills and barrows which adjoin to wet grass meadows and marshy places, and remind mountain islands.

The mountain fad in the majority of areas - the flying, in places wandering or settled bird. Occupies highlands and rocky coast of the seas. The nest is located on the earth and is much larger, than at the forest fad. The female from dry blades with impurity of a green moss weaves it. The interior of a nest is covered by the same, but softer material, sometimes with hair impurity. The nest is under construction at once after a snow staivaniye. Layings from four-five eggs in April, but are more often in May. Nasizhivayet female of 14-15 days. Baby birds are brought up by both parents. Places two broods at summer. The nest often is arranged in a pole, under cover of a stone, a bush, a hummock or bunch of a grass.

The meadow fad – the flying, but partially wintering bird of Europe. Occupies crude, usually boggy, kochkovaty meadows, grassy and moss bogs, and also boggy cuttings down and ashes. In the tundra nest partially in the same places; partially in the lowered boggy woods and moss sites adjacent to coast of reservoirs. In the Urals nesting in moss and stony scatterings is noted. On the Kola Peninsula nests in a birch krivolesye and the shrubby tundra. From here skates rise to the mountain lichen tundra and fly even in goltsovy a belt of tops. In a forest zone very much loves nests in places with big blockages of trunks, from lugovina and curtains of deciduous young growths, on sfognovy bogs with a pine and a dwarfish birch.