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Let's enter concept of linear convergence of a bunch, having defined it as the rk cathode radius relation to bunch radius in the rkp crossover. From the equations (3, (3 for linear convergence of an electron beam we will receive the following expression:

In this equation of x - the function describing an extreme trajectory of an electron beam and by the form coinciding with the expression  (Z/l) function (; and (x) - the function describing distribution of potential to bunch axes; h (x) - the function describing distribution of a magnetic field to bunch axes; h = h (-value of function h (x) on the cathode;  = 0 - value of the x function on the cathode.

All lines of the second order have to be described at the beginning of the massif by eight numbers (ZH, RH, ZK, RK, UH, ZO, RO, R). Lines of the first order are described after lines of the second by about five numbers (ZH, RH, ZK, RK, UH).

As on a bunch axis the curvilinear system of coordinates coincides with cylindrical, functions and (x) and h (x) are identical to the functions describing respectively distribution of potential and a magnetic field to bunch axes in cylindrical system of coordinates.

Most graphic methods were widely used. In this work we apply the tape schedule as model. We make the tape schedule on the basis of estimates of time for carrying out separate works.

For receiving results of calculation in a graphic form it is necessary to start the grafl.exe program, working in the dialogue mode, and according to inquiries to carry out a conclusion of results of calculation in the form of schedules.

the maximum value of coefficient of filling of the channel with a bunch (b) by results of calculation makes b = 0,87 Such value of coefficient of filling of the channel with a bunch is is unacceptable high and can serve as the reason of a big tokoosedaniye of a bunch on walls of the flying channel in a dynamic operating mode of the device. In this regard there is a problem of optimization of this EOS for the purpose of reduction of radius of the formed bunch at preservation of value of a perveans.

If such way of a task of function and (x) is found, that, having carried out calculation of several versions of the solution of an internal task, it is possible to develop recommendations about calculation of the electronic guns forming bunches with the set parameters.

For elimination of the specified reasons of increase in radius of an electronic stream it is necessary to perform calculation optimization of an electronic gun of the device, and also calculation and optimization of distribution of a magnetic field in system.

At the solution of an internal task for electrostatic EOS there are only two opportunities: or trajectories of electrons in system are set, and axial distribution of potential is calculated from the equation (or, on the contrary, distribution of potential to axes of system is set, and from the equation (trajectories of electrons are calculated.

- not laminarity of electronic trajectories in the bunch formed by an electronic gun. The extreme trajectory of the bunch formed by a gun crosses all other trajectories, close approaches an axis, and then, extends and leads to increase in filling of the channel with a bunch;

In this drawing distribution of a reversny magnetic field to axes of one of flying channels of an external number of openings is shown. Here the trajectory of electrons of the formed electronic stream is shown. The calculated value of a perveans of one beam made P = 0,57 mka/B3/2, and current of one beam 6,7 A. Considering that in the device 40 flying channels total settlement are formed by the used EOS made P = 22,8 mka/B3/

At the solution of an internal task for an electronic gun it is necessary to set values of parameters i, . Parameter i, as appears from (characterizes the considered gun. The  parameter determines the radius of curvature of the cathode of a gun (Rkp) which is calculated on a formula:

Construction the plan schedule has to provide possibility of continuous control over the course of works. Planning of preparation of carrying out work can be provided if to present process in the form of the model reflecting all course of the forthcoming work.