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When in Kuskov holidays were given, the count got over to the magnificent palace, and after departure of guests immediately came back to a cosiness of the unpretentious House of a privacy. Only three communicating rooms served needs of the owner in the huge building: The personal bathroom where it was dressed up by the valet, Kabinet-kontorochka where managers listened to orders on the device of celebrations, and Vsednevnaya a bedchamber where the count had a rest in days of festivals.

The building of the palace struck all with simplicity. It was not even plastered, and frankly revetted with planed boards. Columns of a portico did not imitate stone, having an obligatory thickening in the lower third. Uniform thinning of columns from below up on a cone says to the viewer that they are made of usual pine trunks.

In Kuskov all landscapes to some extent - result of activity of the person. Therefore in the course of creation of ensemble there was a simultaneous prinoravlivaniye of interiors with the corresponding landscape and landscapes - to interiors.

The Italian lodge has a big surface of walls. From within the eye is fixed in park through windows in three walls of the hall. From the fourth party - glass doors on an open balcony - a loggia through which the park was also considered. Piers between windows occupied mirrors, they incorporated light reflected in each other, doubled, quadrupled both uvosmeryal the sizes of the room and number of the people who are in them. On the remained sites of walls pictures, mainly works of the Italian artists of 17 - 18 centuries hung; where the look of the viewer did not go through glass to open spaces of park and did not plunge into illusory space of a world behind the looking-glass, before it there was a space created by the painter. Ceilings of the Italian lodge too were painted and issued as huge pictures in magnificent frames.

The Vsednevny bedchamber is adjoined by Divannaya and Library. Having addressed to antiquity, classicism sought to revive an antique ideal of the harmonious person devoted to wisdom and beauty. Therefore the bedchamber trimmed with white and blue Vsednevnuyu Sheremetev arranged between Library and Picture. It meant that wisdom and beauty accompany the count everywhere.

In the first half of the 16th eyelid the boyar Vasily Sheremetev exchanged one of the ancestral lands to then still the village of Kuskovo situated near Moscow. An arable land in Kuskov, boggy and woody, was a little, but boars, elks, a great number of a wild bird were found here, and in those far times hunting served as necessary addition to agriculture.

I set as the purpose when writing this paper the description of the Sheremetyevsky estate, its history. My tasks was: to explain features of construction and finishing of the palace and adjacent constructions; to show internal furniture of rooms of the palace, planning of regular park; to tell about character and a manner of a list of an interior of the palace and other structures, about collections of the museum in Kuskov,

Unity of the Hermitage with the park surrounding it is increased by balconies of the second floor. The first floor intended for servants. Having risen on a ladder we appear on the second floor intending for the elected guests. Interiors of the dress circle it is perceived as the uniform, not dismembered space, though consists of five rooms.

In the twilight reigning here in the afternoon when the Lobby was lit only with the windows shaded by a portico, and in the evening when light of a crystal lamp snatched out only the center of the room it was difficult to notice that marble of gray-green walls and pink pilasters - artificial that vases are made not of a stone, and of alabaster with garlands from a papier-mache that reliefs are not modeled, and drawn on a wall. If in appearance of the palace the notable reality, the Lobby - symbolics and illusion dominated.

In the Third drawing room sound solemnly - drama notes. Grandiose busts of Boris Petrovich Sheremetev in a huge wig and its spouse Anna Petrovna, though are executed by the master of classicism, remind works of Baroque style.